For Tweens/Teens

angela.jpgWe are always working on exciting ways for you as Esteemed CHICs to:

• Ask questions anonymously
• Talk with Angela about important topics
• Participate in fun crafts and activities
• Add your thoughts to the ‘CHIC Chat’ eNewsletter

Here are some important questions girls like you are asking and we answer them in our newsletter or via e-mail.

  1. Why do girls hate people so bad? Why are we so mean? What’s with guys?
  2. Why are girls so pressured into being skinny and to date if they don’t want to?
  3. Pressure – how can I handle it? What do you do to get it off your mind? How long has it been going on?
  4. What is one of the most annoying things about becoming a women, you know, developing?

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FINALLY, check out the About CHICs page
and learn how you can register to come out and just have fun! No we do not talk, talk, talk like your mom, dad or grandparents might make you do. Some of the fun things we do at CHICs is make jewellery and do crafts, cook, play games, create vision boards and more.

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