Meet the Esteem Team

angela1.jpgAngela Slade, MA, RCC has a mission to transform the lives of children, youth and families and enhance the communities they live in. Angela founded ESTEEM Child and Youth Services in 2006 and launched to give girls a body-positive, life-positive platform to grow up happy, healthy and connected. She empowers children, teens, families, and communities to implement positive changes through her education and counselling services, workshops, speaking engagements and ‘CHIC Chat’ eNewsletters.

Her message of self-esteem and self-worth stems from her own unique challenges as a teen. Angela is a Registered Clinical Counsellor working with girls with the goal of teaching them to Be who you are! not who other people want them to be. She also helps parents with the goal of reconnecting or enhancing the relationships between parents and their teen(s).

Angela completed her Masters in Child and Youth Care at the University of Victoria. She graduated with distinction from Vancouver Island University with a Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Care. She is a Registered as a Clinical Counsellor through the BC Association of Registered Clinical Counsellors.

During her undergrad Angela developed ‘CHICs’. The curriculum promotes body confidence and positive self-esteem to girls. Through interactive and art-based activities girls develop tools and skills for lifelong critical thinking and reflection. With the success and international response CHICs receives on an on-going basis, Angela decided to dedicate her business to growing and creating what parents, teachers, organizations and girls need and want.

Angela's experience in the field led her to work in a variety of settings including community, recreation and school based environments. Angela has helped others with a variety of issues. In the past, Angela worked primarily in schools as a counsellor and facilitator with children who were experiencing emotionally challenging periods in their lives. In addition, she has provided in-home and center-based services and developed, coordinated and implemented various education and prevention programs for schools and in the community. Angela worked as the Executive Director for Island Integrated Counselling Society in Nanaimo, BC where she designed and implemented the Break Free eating disorders program for adults.

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Deon Soukeroff

Deon_2.jpgDeon Soukeroff has a BA in Child and Youth Care and a Diploma in Recreation and Sport Management, from Vancouver Island University and has been working with children youth and families for over a decade. Deon began her career by coordinating Summer Lunch Munch - a summer program for inner city youth in Nanaimo, BC. She went on to develop and facilitate programs for teens and young moms creating healthy food sustainability programs for the community. Deon’s strong passion for prevention and building community capacity lead her to become a facilitator of programs, such as Girls Group and Triple P Parenting.

Deon is a trained CHICs facilitator in Nelson where she incorporates her therapeutic skills utilizing photo therapy, art therapy, and wilderness based
therapy. Deon holds a strong belief that we all have the inner strength to face anything that has been placed in our paths and that each individual is on their own unique journey.

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Jenn Sorochan

Jenn_Sorochan_WEB_photo.jpgJenn Sorochan is very excited to be a part of the CHICs programs! She graduated from the University of Victoria with a BA in Psychology and a specific interest in the development of adolescent girls as well as neuropsychology, and intends on integrating these two into a masters degree.

Studying pop culture and it's effect on young women during her undergraduate degree reinforced the need to educate girls at a young age about the obstacles they face in today's society and how to develop the self esteem and inner strength to overcome them and have a happy, healthy and fun adolescence.

Jenn believes that Esteemed CHICs grow up to be Esteemed Women who have the power and fortitude to change the world!