Thanks to the efforts of Sarah and David Gilks, owners of Core Essentials gym, the organization had a successful bursary fund. Sarah and David ran a 12-week fitness challenge called “Building a LEGacy from March to June 3, 2012, with over 100 women from across the globe. As the Founder of CHICs, I was honoured to participate in this challenge.

In order to affect healthy change on a greater scale, impact more lives, and create more healthy role models, Sarah and David chose to raise awareness and funds for young girls in our community. Their goal was to help send 20 girls to CHICs camp. A one-week camp costs $250/child. With the generosity of many of the group participants, as well as community members and local businesses, Sarah and David exceeded their goal and raised over $6000.00 in twelve weeks.

Here are some of the local women with Sarah and David Gilks (front row on left)
after completing the 12-week LEGacy Challenge.